Material Character & Application Chart​

Many materials, such as thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and other polymers, are used in the injection molding process. The raw form of these materials is usually fine powders or small particles. Colorants may also be added during the process to achieve different colors for the final part. Besides, other additives and filling materials in injection molding are added to achieve stiffness, electrical conductivity, surface charge dissipation, etc. The applications of the final part affect our choices of raw materials for the injection molding process. The properties of materials influence the function and strength of the final parts and the parameters used in the production process. The sets of processing parameters in the injection molding, such as injection temperature, injection pressure, and etc., are adjusted based on the applied material. The comparison of the most commonly used materials is shown below

Material Specific Gravity Heat Deflection Temperature Flammability Characters Applications
Pros Cons
TPE 1.15-1.24 Softening Point 100-160℃ Flammable 1. Soft hand feel good elasticity 2. Excellent weather resistance, cold resistance up to -40℃ 1.Hardly pigmented 1. Cushioning, sound-deadening, shock-absorbing products 2.Footwear, sporting goods 3. Home appliances, electrical appliances, footbeds and insulating materials
Nylon PA6 1.12-1.14 PA66 1.13-1.15 127-171℃ (4.6kg/c㎡)149-182℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) Flame-retardant 1. Tough, impact resistant 2. Self-lubricating, low friction resistance 3. Excellent heat and cold resistance 4. Excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance 1. High water absorption, lack of dimensional safety 2. Weak resistance to strong acids 1. In mechanical parts (bendable parts, toothpicks, shafts, etc.) 2. In automobiles and electrical products 3. FASTENERS 4. HOSES, NUTS, TUBES
POM 1.41-1.43 Homopolymer 160-170℃ Flammable 1.Strong and flexible 2.CLIP characteristic, excellent fatigue resistance 3. Self-lubricating, low friction resistance 4. Chemical resistance 5. Excellent heat resistance 1. Weak resistance to UV rays 2. Thermal decomposition produces formalin mask 3. Weak resistance to strong acids 1. Industrial parts (heavy duty for weight loading, such as GEAR,CAM,SPRING) 2. Automotive and electrical products 3. toy parts 4. Metal substitutes
PP 0.90-0.92 99-110℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) Flammable 1. Excellent HINGE property. 2. Excellent heat-resistance 3. The lightest of plastics 4. Excellent electrical properties 5. Excellent chemical resistance 1. Inferior impulse resistance at low temperatures 2. Inferior weather resistance 1. Various types of containers (for heat resistance) 2. HINGE formation products 3. Toys 4. FILM, SHEET 5. Board, PIPE 6. Heat-resistant industrial parts
PE HDPE 0.95-0.96 HDPE 0.91-0.92 60-82℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) 41-49℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) Flammable 1. Excellent cold resistance 2. Hygienic and non-toxic 3. Excellent water resistance and chemical resistance 4. Excellent electrical properties 5. Excellent flexibility (LDPE) 1. Inferior heat resistance 2. Poor weather resistance 3. Large shrinkage in forming 1. Various types of containers (closed containers) 2. Packaging bags 3. Toy boxes 4. Kitchenware 5. Machinery parts
ABS 0.99-1.10 95-112℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) Flammable 1. Good physical appearance and fair price 2. Excellent electroplating characteristics 3. Excellent impulse resistance at low temperature 4. Small shrinkage rate and excellent dimensional accuracy 5. Excellent resistance to acid and alkali 1. Weather resistance is poor 2. Soluble in solvents 1. Industrial parts (camera parts, musical instrument parts) 2. Electrical machine parts 3. Auto parts 4. Daily necessities
PS 1.03-1.07 82-104℃ (4.6kg/c㎡) Flammable 1. Good formability 2. Good rigidity, high surface hardness 3. Excellent transparency 4. Excellent electrical properties 5. Excellent resistance to acid and alkali 1. Inferior impact resistance 2. Heat resistance, weather resistance 3. Soluble in solvents 1. Daily miscellaneous goods 2. electric parts 3. toys 4. Bulletin boards 5. Stationery supplies

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